1. Consultation

When we kick off our project, we’ll have a meeting! Either a 1 hour meeting face-to-face or a 30-minute video call on the kick-off date to review the project timings and answer any questions you have before getting started. You will need to have provided us all the brand assets, content & background reading by this point (or right after the session).

2. Mapping the landscape

Once I’m fully immersed in your brand, and we know everything there is to know, we can start thinking in earnest. We will study the landscape, your competition and culture. This will be looking at who you’re trying to reach (target audience) and what makes them tick. I’ll pull together the visual cues and gather inspiration that becomes the basis of your concepts.

3. Concepting + Storyboarding

Once we have the initial concept of your video, I will get to work on the storyboard. At this stage I pull together all of the ideas, references and assets that you have to create a visual narrative. Once we are happy with the storyboard, I will build an Animatic. This is usually either 1 or 2 animated scenes from the storyboard along with static images and temporary sound. This allows you to get a feeling of the animation style that I will be using and of the duration of the video.

4. Animating

Once happy with the Animatic, I’ll get to work on the full video. As I work through the video I will send you previews and keep you updated on my progress. The more transparent this process is, the better!

5. Feedback and Delivery

When I have a full video for you to review, I will send this over for your feedback. Once the feedback has all be collected together into a document I’ll work on the final delivery. After we have a final version of the video, I will send over a number of different video formats (depending on your needs) and the projects files for your archive.

6. Support

It doesn’t end there! I think of every client as a partner. I retain all the relationships I get into, supporting small brands as they grow big or big brands as they take on new challenges. Let me know how I can best support you moving forwards.